We have the know-how to make your production a success!

Working for you, we can eliminate the confusion and the potential mistakes that come with hiring union talent.

Why use a signatory service?

We encourage everyone to learn the union agreements and become signatory on their own. For some, however, this is time-consuming, confusing and costly. In the same way that some people feel comfortable preparing their own taxes; some people would rather have a professional prepare them.

Can the session fee buy out a union talent so we won’t have to pay them again?

No. There are no real “buyouts” when it comes to using union scale players in either TV or radio. Please call or contact us to receive an accurate estimate based on your media needs.

Can we mix casts by using union and non-union actors?

No. When we are the acting signatory for any project, the union asks us to abide by the rule of paying the entire cast union wages.

If we’ve already filmed or recorded our talent, can we still use signatory services.

Sometimes. Every situation is different, and we can often help on completed projects but there is an additional charge to do so.

Can you help with celebrity projects?

We have an extensive history of celebrity consultation, contract interpretation, and talent payment. When working with celebrity talent our fees are calculated on a sliding scale based on a percentage of the union pension and health contribution rather than the full guarantee. Please call or contact us to discuss your project.

When do we get a signatory involved with our project?

As soon as possible! Ideally, a signatory service should be brought on board during the casting process or before, but we are also used to working at the last minute.